FT.TRACK #1300

  • $5.77

FLEX-I-TRAC® MODEL 132 (also known as Walk Along Track) is a light-to-medium duty cyclorama I-beam type track designed for light to medium weight stage and TV studio curtains, hospital cubicle curtains, and for enclosing industrial welding booths. This economically priced track is supplied for "walk-along" operation only with no cord, pulleys or master carriers. The track can be curved on-the-job (or at the factory) to virtually any degree on a 2’ minimum radius. The track should be solidly anchored to the ceiling with the use of ceiling clamps or suspended from a pipe backbone. 13 gauge extruded aluminum, mill-finish. Obtainable in unspliced lengths up to 20'. Approximately: 5/8" wide x 1-11/16" high.