Chroma Key Green Pro Gaffer’s Tape 2"


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Pro Gaff® Chroma Green Description: Pro Gaff Chroma Green is a matte cloth tape with a rubber based adhesive system. Application: Pro Chroma Cloth Tape is used for invisible seaming of Chroma colored back drops and cloths. Also used to key small objects or areas. It’s high adhesion adhesive sticks to a wide variety of materials. Temporary holding of light fixtures, wire and cable hold down, marking and labeling equipment cases. Dance floor splicing and bundling of cables. Colors: Chroma Green Benefits: High strength, high performance adhesive system. Highly conformable to irregular surfaces. Makes hiding seams a breeze. Weather resistant. High thread count. Abrasion resistant. SRA Technology designed for clean removal from most surfaces. Matte finish ensures no glare! No liner to remove. Easy one step application. Thin cloth instead of foam based eliminates edges showing. Hand Tearable. Smooth, controlled unwind.