Joe's Sticky Stuff

Joe's Sticky Stuff

  • $52.00

To apply Joe's Sticky Stuff™ simply tear off desired length, firmly place exposed tape onto surface of project and peel off backing paper.  Joe's Sticky Stuff™ adheres very aggressively to some materials such as, but not limited to: paper, laminated plastics, plastic sheeting and certain wallpapers. 
Care should be used in all sensitive areas where damage may occur.


SECRET TIP!! Leave a little tape sticking beyond the edge of your project. This will give you a "handle" to pull on for removal!

To remove Joe's Sticky Stuff™, simply pull the tape slowly in the direction it was applied. Apply constant pressure as you pull and watch as the tape begins to "shrink" and release its grip on the mounting surface, leaving no residue or stains! Twisting will help to loosen Joe's Sticky Stuff from items.


Do not pull item off surface in a perpendicular direction or damage may occur to the surface of objects. Do not apply citrus cleaners as they can melt and smear the tape.