Joe's Sticky Stuff™


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  • Clear double sided tape 
  • Easy to apply
  • Easy to remove
  • Great for signs, kick plates, rugs, tiles and more

Joe's Sticky Stuff™ An Aggressive Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Tape™ that got its start in front of the cameras of Hollywood and movie sets around the world. But you never saw it, until now.

Available in 65ft rolls in 1 inch, 3/4 inch, 1/2 inch and our Classic Tin, the entire line of Joe's Sticky Stuff™ is ready to tackle your stickiest problems!

At the Office:

  • Hang items for presentations in hotel conference rooms or clients offices without damage to walls or windows
  • Get that poster to finally stay up on your cubical wall
  • Change nameplates and signs without damaging wall coverings

At Home:

  • Hang children's artwork without thumbtack holes
  • Use as earthquake hold for artwork and shelf items
  • Keep picture frames hanging straight and true without marring walls
  • Decorate kids' rooms
  • Keep rugs and carpets from slipping
  • Hang holiday artwork or decorations anywhere in the house including windows

On the Job Site:

  • Use Joe's Sticky Stuff™ to preset trim and molding while grabbing tools
  • Mount items (such as drapery or mini-blinds) temporarily for visual approval
  • Protect floors with cardboard or sheet paper and not have it shift and slide under your feet
  • Apply plastic sheeting to job sites to contain dust and debris
  • Place small screws or parts into Joe's Sticky Stuff™ until you are ready to use them


Joe's Sticky Stuff™ found its start in front of the cameras of Hollywood and around the world. I should know, I'm Joe and I put it there. But you never saw it.

On a Hollywood location set, if you need to hang a sign on a wall, you put it there temporarily. The problem is you may not own that wall, and when you leave, the wall must look like it did when you arrived.

In the past, people have used foam tape, blue tack and an automotive window ribbon called butyl. Butyl is a tar-based adhesive that is incredibly sticky but leaves horrible black stains on the walls, windows, floors and worst of all, your hands and fingers.


To apply Joe's Sticky Stuff™ simply tear off desired length, firmly place exposed tape onto surface of project and peel off backing paper.  Joe's Sticky Stuff™ adheres very aggressively to some materials such as, but not limited to: paper, laminated plastics, plastic sheeting and certain wallpapers. 
Care should be used in all sensitive areas where damage may occur.

SECRET TIP!! Leave a little tape sticking beyond the edge of your project. This will give you a "handle" to pull on for removal!


To remove Joe's Sticky Stuff™, simply pull the tape slowly in the direction it was applied. Apply constant pressure as you pull and watch as the tape begins to "shrink" and release its grip on the mounting surface, leaving no residue or stains! Twisting will help to loosen Joe's Sticky Stuff from items.


Do not pull item off surface in a perpendicular direction or damage may occur to the surface of objects. Do not apply citrus cleaners as they can melt and smear the tape.