Speed-Rail® Fittings

We are a proud dealer of Hollaender Manufacturing Company!

Hollaender structural slip-on pipe fittings have proven their reliability for more than 50 years with aluminum, galvanized steel, stainless steel and black iron pipe on installations around the world.

Slip-on installation with self-locking set screws

Quick and easy to install - no threading, welding, nuts, bolts or washers


Special aluminum-magnesium alloy
Cadmium-plated steel alloy screws
100% salvageable if desired for future use.

 You can build an infinite amount of designs! First follow these steps.

  • Draw up your design
  • Purchase the required steel pipe or aluminum speed-rail® pipe (Check out our pipe section here )
  • Measure your pipe size by the inside diameter                            
  • Order your components by using the inside diameter of your pipe. (For example, If the inside diameter of your pipe is 1-1/4", you would order an SR5114 - #5 tee 1-1/4" fitting)