Rig-I-Flex 140 CWANA Track - per foot

  • $40.61

RIG-I-FLEX® MODEL 140 RIG-I-FLEX is a versatile I-beam track which has been engineered for both curved (Model 140) and straight (Model 141) cord operated systems as well as for "walk-along" (Model 142) systems. It was designed for medium weight curtains on stages and TV studios and for enclosing areas in industrial plants. Overall track length for cord operated systems should not exceed 60’ for biparts or 40' for one-way draws. Model 140 utilizes spindles and idler brackets (Not included in CWANA pricing) for guiding the operating cord along the curved areas. The track can be curved on-the-job or at the factory (optional). Manually operated cord-drawn curved tracks require more effort than straight tracks. Therefore, motorized systems should be used, especially where sharp curves are involved. NOTE: 1400 track can be curved to a 2’ minimum radius for curves up to 90 degrees. For systems with curves greater than 90 degrees or systems with multiple curves, please contact the factory. The track must be solidly anchored to an overhead structure with ceiling clamps. Pipe backbones are recommended for suspended systems. This track cannot be used for cord operated reverse curved or serpentine layouts.