Curtain Track & Accessories

ADC has been the offering a full line of curtain tracks, curtain machine operators, curtain lift systems, and controls since 1919. ADC originated the stage curtain industry and design and manufacture their own products in their warehouse till this day. They are the leading and largest manufacturer of stage tracks & curtain machines.

ADC products are sold through authorized dealers only, with knowledge of their products and installation requirements. We are in fact a proud dealer of ADC and our Certified ETCP Riggers have done installations for some schools and theaters with their system.

We stock 113 Specifine®, 132 Flex-I-Track®, 140 Rig-I-Flex®, 170 Besteel® and 280 Silent Steel® track and accessories.

Please view the track guide below to help find the best system for your application.


28A RotoDraper


We also sell ADC's Rotodraper® Pivot Arms. Rotodraper® pivot devices are used for changing the position of curtains on tormentors, side legs, backdrops and cycloramas. The effect is easily accomplished either by turning the curtain itself or by fastening a towline to the curtain pipe and pulling the tow line until the curtain is in the desired position. The pivot device is unique because no implement is required to secure the curtain to its proper position. The Rotodraper® is simply installed and easily manipulated to any angle desired including a full 360° turn.

Models 28-A, 17-A, 14-A, and 6-A include an index plate and spring-loaded roller latch which secures the device at 15 degree intervals and helps to prevent accidental rotation.
With the use of a special brake, track-type Rotodrapers® can be secured at any location along the track, helping to prevent accidental movement of the device. Simply by pulling down on the cord, the brake is released and the pivot arm moved. (Obtainable as an option.)

    • SELF-LOCKING BRAKES (Optional on track type Rotodrapers®)
    • No. 28 and 17 Rotodrapers® incorporate the use of large diameter Kralastic wheels, which help prevent climbing and tilting in the track channel.
    • PIPE CLAMPS furnished with each Rotodraper® to accommodate 1" pipe. 1-1/4", 1-1/2" and 2" pipe clamps also available SIZE BUT MUST BE SPECIFIED WHEN ORDER IS PLACED.
    • PIPE BATTEN is available in either 1", 1-1/4", or 1-1/2" O.D.. All pipe is Schedule 40. Maximum suggested length of pipe is 8’. (Pipe is only sold in 21ft lengths, threaded on both ends. Can be cut to size for an additional small fee per cut) Must be ordered separately.
    • DIMENSIONS OF Rotodrapers®: Standard Units: 13" long x 2-1/4" wide x 9-3/8" high. For units with locking devices ("A" type) 13" long x 4" wide x 10" high.

This is not a stocked item. Lead time is 3 to 5 business days, depending on the location. When ordering Rotodraper® Pivot Arms, please specify in the "notes" section of your order, during checkout, which inside diameter sized pipe you're utilizing with your system, such as 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2" or 2", so, that we may order in the correct Rotodraper®


Tom Thumb® Machine

The 872 series TOM THUMBS® are designed for use with small board and conference room curtains or in applications that require more torque than a 579 series machine, but less than the torque of a large stage machine. Used primarily with the Model 113 SPECIFINE® track system, the Model 872 is completely automatic and includes limit switches which provide user definable pre-set stops. Model 872-MCS includes a low voltage magnetic control system for operation from more than one location and also to ease connection to automation systems. Fixed cable speed of 50 fpm.

Limited stock on this motor. 

Please follow this link for more information on the 872 Tom Thumb.

934 Autodraper


Model 934

Autodrape® Machine

is the most versatile yet most reasonably priced stop, start and reverse machines available anywhere. Designed particularly for multiple remote control station locations, these units include a magnetic reversing contactor and three-button control stations (24 vac). Integral rotary limit switches provide user defined pre-set stops for the "Full Close" and "Full Open" positions. These machines are also obtainable with magnetic friction brakes which help provide more precise stopping. Model number differences are based on horsepower of motors; 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 1.

 Standard unit is equipped with:

  • Rotary Limit Switches for full open and full closed positions.
  • Low Voltage Control - 24 vac
  • Remote Control Station (RCS-1)
  • Machine Guard
  • Helical Grooved Drum 5"L x 10"D
  • Channel Steel Base
  • Connects to 120 volt power supply (230 volt, 3-phase is available as an option)
  • ETL Listing
Above photo shows machine equipped with optional CTD-1 cable tension devices which helps limit cable slack during operation of the track system.  

 Please follow this link for specifications