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The above diagram represents the part number locations for the P-50 Compressed Air Sprayer. Maintenance of P-50 Compressed Air Sprayer. Keep your P-50 Compression Sprayer in tip-top working condition! Always clean after use by rinsing with clear water, including a final spray of clear water through the sprayer assembly. Most horticultural solutions may be cleared / cleaned out in this manner. Strong fungicides should be cleaned out with soap and water. Never use a sprayer which has contained an herbicide on any plant which you want to keep alive, as even trace amounts can stunt, retard and even kill the plant. When using solutions high in Alkaloids (evaporator and condensing coils cleaners, paints), Acids (swimming pool / spa cleaning) or Petroleum Based products (patio / deck sealing solvents, paints) it is strongly recommended to use Viton® o-rings, gaskets and seals. Always store the P-50 sprayer, empty, clean and unpressurized for your next use.