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Made of Cordura Nylon

starting at $22.00

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Adjustable Rod Beam Clamp joined to a Halp Pipe Clamp

For 1-1/4" or 1-1/2" Pipe

starting at $40.00

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6/0 1000' Drum Constructed of #1026 Alloy between Grade 30 and Grade 43 The links are elognated allowing you to put the shackle in the middle of the link as opposed to Grade 30 and Grade 43 w...


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1/8" diameter with tensil strength of 530 lbs.

The only rated trickline we sell.

2,100 ft per roll


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We stock all sizes of black batten pipe.

Schedule 40 & 80

starting at $5.00

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Used to connect the pipe batten and hanging iron to the flat
Height can be varied by removing or doubling up on chain links

starting at $18.00

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Excellent rope to use as operating line or with block and fall because it is easy on the hands. It won't stretch of rot. And it looks good too! High strength and very professional looking. All black in color (our catalogue has an incorrect picture).

Also referred to as Sta-set.

starting at $200.00

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Plastic zip ties used to organize cables and wires.

starting at $1.00

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KMIII static rope is a balanced construction consisting of a continuous filament polyester cover braided over a unidirectional nylon core. KMIII is designed to meet the rigorous requirements associated with rescue and rappelling operations.

Size 7/16" 11 mm

We do not stock the 600 foot rolls of KMIII. Check with a sales representative for delivery time.


starting at $195.00

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MultiLine II is a 3-strand composite rope. It's unique construction combines cover yarns of 100% filament and spun polyester wrapped around a polyolefin core. MultiLine II provides the greatest durability, highest strength, and lightest weight.

starting at $425.00

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We stock both types of Steel Batten Clamps.

starting at $6.00

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Used to build quick, rigid structures
Have test load capacity of 8000 pounds

starting at $16.00

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A heavy duty pipe clamp that enables you to attach two pieces of 1 1/4" or 1 1/2" inside diameter pipe No free pipe end needed


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Clips cannot be installed incorrectly
Drop forged
Minimum use two for each loop

starting at $11.00

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Inside sleeve splice
Assemble pipe sections to acheive the desired batten length
Standard pipe length - 21 feet long (can be spliced together to make longer battens)
Pipe not included, must drill your own holes

Now a new item to sleeve Schedule 80 pipe.

starting at $25.00

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Manufactured by Modern Studio Eqipment Faster and stronger way to sleeve pipes together
Contains 4 tightening set screws

starting at $21.00

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Used for fastening a threaded rod to the ceiling
Made of mallable iron


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starting at $5.50

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Puts steel thread into wood, ideal for use with stove bolts and machine screws
100 per pack

starting at $8.00

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Designed as a removable thread, will not crush wood fiber

starting at $0.50

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Wrought steel rod with a continuous thread

starting at $1.50

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Used to pin scenery down
Can accomodate a 5/8" or 3/4" rope


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